My Stock Photography

I am currently selling royalty-free stock photos exclusively through iStockphoto. I have a portfolio of over 4600 images and am always adding more.

In fact, this is how I am able to extend my unique free professional photo shoot offering to businesses. The business receives a series of personalized, custom photos for their online and print marketing, and in return they allow me to add their photos to my royalty free portfolio. It's a great win-win for all.

If you'd like to view my iStock portfolio, then have a look Here.

Can't find exactly the right images that you need for your next project? Tried to take them yourself but couldn't get the lighting or composition right? I am available to work with you to create that unique stock photograph or series of photos that you have in mind. Contact me for more information.

Free Photos For Models

I'm always looking for new models (no experience needed) to create images for my portfolio. When the shoot is complete, you'll get a FREE selection of print ready images.

How Does This Work? TFP shoots (Trade For Photo) are common in the photo world. The photographer and model trade their time and services. You get professional photos, and I expand my stock portfolio.

Interested in Learning More?

Interested in Becoming a Stock Photographer?

If you're interested in learning more about how to make money selling your own photos or other artistic media through online stock agencies, visit our website Everything Microstock.  

I created this site together with my husband, a microstock video and motion graphics contributor, to help others start & grow their own microstock photography, video, illustration, or audio business.